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Little things mean a lot!! Accessorizing is truly a skill and a key element in any good design. Picture groupings, wall art, shelving, books, frames, plants, vases, candles, pillows, etc., all positioned to perfection! The right accessories will turn a nice home into a gorgeous home! It’s the icing on the cake. Unfortunately, it’s the design technique people seem to struggle with the most.

Ever wonder why Pottery Barn feels so warm and inviting? I bet you think it’s because of that big, soft, cushie sofa. Or how about that handsome solid wood dining table with matching ladder back chairs? NOPE! It’s all about the presentation, display of color, and an ABUNDANCE of accessorizing that make you say, “I want my house to look like this!” And then what do you do? You buy the table and the skip the accessories. Don’t feel bad, you are not alone. Accessorizing isn’t always easy, but we are here for you! Call Chic My Shack today and get Chicorized!!!!